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    11 hours 32 minutes ago
  • strewyn
    15 hours 51 minutes ago

    Ok forcebookers, and predominately ppl in Australia. We have 4 days left of the Omaze competition to win a spot In episode 7. I would love that spot but would also love the screening option to see ep7 before the rest of the world. Only costs $50k. Who is going to contribute. Need 20 ppl. Ideally one of them is really wealthy and prepared to put up like $49k.

    JCreazy Sorry, I'm broke.
    14 hours 29 minutes ago
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    22 hours 57 minutes ago

    theforcebook Also previous posts from all of the older Groups are missing, if you click More nothing happens. Some Groups have lost months and months of posts in their groups.

  • Sentinel TheForcebook Help
    22 hours 59 minutes ago

    theforcebook We are getting multiple posts whenever an image is uploaded for some people again.

  • Sentinel shared a video in The Expanded Universe group.
    Star Wars - Dark Empire

    Luke Skywalker VS Darth Sidious -Based on Star Wars: Dark Empire comics -The audio track is from the audio drama of Dark Empire -The music and some...

    This animation is based on the end of the Dark Empire I full cast audio book, the audio is direct from the audio book where Luke Skywalker having thrown off the Dark Side after being under it's influence duels the Clone Emperor/Sidious.

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  • Force-sensitive Revan

    What do you prefer, Revan using two lightsabers or just one? Me, I think he looks more awesome with just one. What lightsaber color should he use?

    Silmerion Indeed, two weapons give you many possibilities, like parrying with the short blade and attacking with the long one at the same time, or make crossed blades parries.
    6 hours 26 minutes ago
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    I, too am disabled having bad knees from an accident a couple of years ago. I have a hard time getting around sometimes and know how it

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