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The Forcebook Reawakens!

Welcome to The Forcebook ReAwakens!. This has been a long time coming but I am pleased to give you the newly designed Forcebook. It's packed with new features and a completely new design. It is faster in every way and comes with a great mobile version as well. 

For a long time now I must admit that I have been neglecting my Star Wars baby. Annoying distractions like work got in the way of my Star Wars fandom and away from creating the best community on the web for Star Wars fans. The catalyst for the reawakening of the Forcebook came with Celebration VII. I could not make it this year, and as it approached I was feeling very disappointed that I would be missing out on the biggest Celebration ever. 

Then the best gift Starwars.com could give all us fans left "behind" happened. Over 30 Hours of interviews, panels and general coverage was streamed live via youtube. The Force Awakens Event was also streamed. Myself and my kids had the coverage on TV all our waking hours that weekend. 

That weekend I felt a part of Celebration, and really felt like I got a taste of what it was like to be there. It gave me the boost I needed to set aside some time and really give The Forcebook the attention it deserved. Of course this is the most exciting year to be a fan ever, and the members here deserved a new home.

So this is it! I really hope you like it. I plan to keep a blog. Mainly random Star Wars thoughts since I think about it every day! It will be totally random. I plan to maintain a news headlines section. In no way can I hope to compete with the excellent Star Wars news sites out there, but by capturing the main headlines each day in a clean and concise format I can make the Forcebook THE location for all your fandom. I will welcome contributors here also. So please let me know.

Please take time to explore the new site with it's new interface and new social networking features. I fully plan to keep all the annoyances of other social networks away and as always this is a Star Wars social network created by fans for fans. So if you any ideas about how you want it to develop, let me know. 

May the Force(book) be with you all!!


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