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Forcebook, you are going down a path I cannot follow...

I recently got a message on Facebook (that other social network) which raised lot of thoughts in my mind regarding the future of The Forcebook and how people perceive it. Here is an excerpt from that post. (I left out the names involved but it is a public post)

"Well, The Forcebook, this is where we part ways. I'm sorry, but you are going down a path I cannot follow. 

I love Star Wars and am ready and willing to fight for Star Wars, but unfortunately the social networking site I had such high hopes for has simply gone too far away from what Star Wars is, and I just can't be active enough on it in order to make a difference. So this is the end for us, I fear. 

FACEBOOK MEMBER,  I cordially invite anyone else who recognizes and rejects Disney's reboot for what it is to check out my page at FACEBOOK PAGE, but I am simply no longer able to support the Forcebook. Farewell."

I was quite surprised by this, and saddened that someone felt they had to leave the site.  And wrote this response:

"Hi FACEBOOK MEMBER I am really sorry to see you leave the site. I can honestly say the Forcebook still maintains the same ideology as it did from day one. That is to be a safe and friendly place for people of all ages and tastes to share their passion for Star Wars. That includes fans of the EU, Fans of The OT versus the PT, younger fans of The Clone Wars and Now Rebels. Absolutely everybody. The recent rebranding of the site may be inspired by The Force Awakens by using the image of Han and Chewie from the Trailer. But the logo itself is a deliberate attempt to blend both the legacy and the future of our favourite franchise. The original logo had the classic duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin from 'Sith and I wanted to get away from anything that was slanted towards any of the trilogies, particularly now what we are getting a new trilogy. I make no apologies for being as excited for the new movies as I was as a kid. But that does not mean myself or The Forcebook has abandoned those who reject Disney and what they are doing. I am fascinated by your page and your opinions, and I would love you to come back and join our chatrooms where we could all debate the different sides of Star Wars. Isn't that what makes this world Lucas created so amazing? It is so huge and so vast that it means so many things to so many people of multiple generations. I would be very sad to think anyone was alienated on The Forcebook because there is a perception we are going a certain direction. The Forcebook is defined by the content and opinions posted by our members. I have absolutely no control over what people post and their opinions span the length and breath of Star Wars Fandom. I really hope you reconsider and revisit the site soon. In all my time in the Star Wars online community I have never come across a place that was more friendly and inclusive. Thanks FACEBOOK MEMBER."

I would love to ask the members here what they think of the opinion shared here and my response. What do you think? Does The Forcebook only cater for one type of fan? Does the new look of The Forcebook Alienate those who may not be happy with the new direction we are about to embark on?

Please let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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