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Is Jakku actually Tatooine?

Is Jakku actually Tatooine? 

Recently more details emerged about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Game. At Star Wars Celebration we were treated to a panel which revealed that “The Battle Of Jakku” will be released as a DLC closer to the release of The Force Awakens. In it we would be promised an insight into the background of the Planet Jakku and that crashed Star Destroyer which so epically fills the skyline in the ‘Force Awakens Second teaser trailer.

Now I am somewhat confused. At E3 we were treated to more details about Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay, specifically footage of a Walker Assault on Hoth and a co-op mission on Tatooine. What do we see in the footage on Tatooine? A crashing Star Destroyer falling in the exact same manner and angle as the one on Jakku in the teaser trailer.

Surely this is too close visually to be two different events. It would prove to be confusing for casual cinemagoers and game players. I have a Theory. I think Jakku IS Tatooine.

What if “The Battle Of Jakku” is taking place on Tatooine? It would make no narrative or visual sense to create a new desert planet in the Star Wars Universe. Tatooine is iconic, almost biblical in its importance to the Star Wars saga. Why would Abrams create a new desert planet so similar in appearance? And to top this off we also have a battle on it which involves a crashed Star Destroyer. The name Jakku may come from a region of that planet that we, until now, did not know about. Or it could be the name of a General or significant character on either side of the battle. Perhaps this battle is such a seismic event for Tatooine that the Planet is renamed in its honour. It is very conceivable that, in the space of thirty years, the name of a Planet could change. There is precedence throughout our History for this. 

And JJ Abrams likes to toy with his audience. Remember the Khan/John Harrison lead up to the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness? That particular twist made everyone groan when the final reveal happened in the movie. I don't think he would make the same mistake again, but he still likes to play around with these ideas. Since Battlefront it officially canon then they are flagging this early on. And the fact that the Battle of Jakku DLC is only going to be released close to the premiere of The Force Awakens leads me to believe some very important information will be revealed. 

Only time will tell. We are six months away from knowing it all for certain!


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