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5 Star Wars Games That Should Exist

To accompany the forthcoming release of The Force Awakens in cinemas, a new Star Wars: Battlefront video game is on the way, and we discussed some of the details that are garnering attention in a recent article. But the truth is that no matter how impressive or engaging this game ultimately is, it will also be an extension of what's become a familiar platform. And since speculation, guesswork, and hope are the names of the game when Star Wars developments are afoot, I wanted to take this article to talk about five additional Star Wars games that should be made (and why we may or may not see something like them).

1. Def-Endor

I completely stole this idea from a Wired article about the best Star Wars games that don't actually exist. I have to side with the contributor who confessed her love of Ewoks and strategy games. She proposed a tower defense game called "Def-Endor" as a way to blend the two passions. I'm not saying they were the best idea George Lucas ever had, and they may even be among the worst, but Ewoks are nevertheless part of the original trilogy. I have a feeling that fact alone would lead fans to overlook their general absurdity and give a game like this a shot. Frankly, this would be a brilliantly simple way for developers to infuse some Star Wars flavour into a gaming format that's just begging for constant adaptations—if, that is, those developers had the license to do so. Realistically, this idea is probably too specific to ever come about, but it could be done pretty easily.

2. Jedi 2k16

Okay, it probably wouldn't be called that. But you know how modern sports games are focusing more and more on career journeys and player development? If this isn't familiar, take a look: MLB's "The Show" series is all about player lifestyle beyond the field; the FIFA series increasingly incorporates elements of managing a team, rather than just playing out games; and according to Cinema Blend, the NBA 2k franchise even employed Spike Lee to script its latest player story mode. Within these game modes, there are all kinds of ways to improve and customise a player. So why not have a similar game all about Jedi education and training? You could learn new talents, graduate to different teachers and challenges, pick specialties, pick a lightsaber, and perhaps even choose a protege. The full Jedi process has gone disastrously unexplored in gaming. This, too, probably won't ever happe n, but it's a tempting idea for developers given the easy potential for a game playable on multiple platforms; the console experience could easily be slimmed down for mobile.

3. Star Wars: Brawl

I view this as the likeliest of my suggestions to actually be made. Unless you're a pretty hardcore Star Wars fan and remember a late-'90s Playstation game called Star Wars: Masters Of Teras Kasi, you may be under the impression that there's never been an arcade fighter Star Wars game (and you'd basically be right). But these games are all the rage right now. Not only is Street Fighter on its way to PS4 with a brand-new installment, but both Marvel and DC have created fighters using their respective ranges of characters. Sure, all these games are the same on some level, but one using Star Wars icons would be wildly popular regardless. Games Radar already wrote up some interesting ways to make it happen.

4. Star Wars Bingo

Gambling is actually pretty prevalent in the Star Wars saga, when you think about it. We see a lot of it in The Phantom Menace, regarding pod racing and whatnot, and later in the series it's revealed that Han Solo is basically a notorious gambler (but never tell him the odds!). Yet unfortunately, according to The Guardian, Disney discontinued all of its existing Star Wars casino gaming machines, at least in the U.S. where such machines had a lot of popularity. But perhaps this isn't as much of a concern internationally, and maybe bingo is tame enough for Disney to allow? Gala Bingo already makes use of a lot of TV and cinema titles and characters, so maybe this one isn't too much of a stretch. It would be a simple game, more about the use of characters in the background than the creation of a new entertainment concept, but it would fill a need. Who wouldn't want to place bets as Han Solo, for instance? There could even be an ambitious jackpot option labeled "Don't Show Me The Odds," or "Swindle Jabba." Plus, the infamous cantina music would make for a great soundtrack.

5. Lightsaber Duels

I won't spend as much time on this one, because, really, there's not much that needs to be explained here. However, let's just say that in-home virtual reality gaming is just around the corner, and it's an absolute necessity that one of the first games made for consumers be a lightsaber dueling experience! That is all.
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