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Why Join The Forcebook?

So why would you want to sign up to theforcebook when you are already on Facebook & Twitter

For a long time I have been getting more and more frustrated with the Facebook experience. Do you remember when you first signed up to Facebook? It was exciting, interactive, fun. Privacy was relatively easy to understand and control. Things were simple.

Fast forward a few years and I am feeling a gradual decline in enthusiasm towards the venerable social network. Privacy settings are confusing and hard to manage, your profile needs constant attention and grooming. Your news feed is full of annoying updates from friends you don't really know on what score they got today on Farmville.

Twitter takes a totally different approach. Updates are short, quick and to the point. Privacy is not an issue because anyone can "follow" anyone else and get their updates. Information flows and trends in waves across the platform and it can be a genuinely useful tool for social interaction, change and news. I like it. However I never really "got" twitter. It was too sparse in it's features. What I wanted was something in between.

On top of all of this was my passion for Star Wars. I found 90% of my social network activity was Star Wars related. When I interacted with a fellow fan inevitably the non-fan on my friend list would comment with the standard "Nerd!". Annoying. I found myself curtailing my fandom which is not a good thing. We have always had the forums, but did the internet really need another Star Wars forum?

What if there was a place Star Wars fans could go that had the best features of Facebook & Twitter? If you see Facebook & Twitter as huge bustlling virtual cities, maybe there is a place on the web for a small village of people that share a common passion for Star Wars. Status updates can be quick and trivial, or indepth and thought provoking. Updates can be commented on in a structured way. A status update can be the launchpad for a huge discussion, or just have a few quick responses and we all get on with the rest of our lives. Friends are followed with a click and unfollowed just as easily. Privacy is handled with three clicks. Easy.

And so, on May 4th 2011 www.theforcebook.com was unfrozen from carbonite! I don't know where it will lead, and it will evolve over time, but I will try to stick to the ideas I have laid out here. If you have any other questions or concerns, check out the FAQ section or contact me @theforcebook!

Enjoy and may theforcebook be with you!



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